Saturday, June 11, 2011


- Democratic National Committee calls for Anthony Weiner to step down.

- Protests continue in the Middle East and in Spain.

- The E. coli outbreak in Europe was finally discovered as being Bean Sprouts.

- Sarah Palin gets off the limelight saying "I didn't mean to take off attention from Romney."

That's all that's new today.

Friday, June 10, 2011



Sarah Palin released many e-mails which she refused to give out dating back to 2006 or 7.

Protests continue in Syria, the president of Syria is still in Saudi Arabia, where he obtained brain surgery.

According to BBC News, three anonymous members were arrested in Spain.

Toyota is still reporting losses in profits.

Fires in Arizona continue as firefighters struggle to extinguish the flames in the woodlands.

Sudan bombs the southern area claiming that it is a separate rebel state.

Americans decided to finally drop bombs over Qaddafi's compound.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Nothing new really happened today.
(Libyan Rebels in Misrata)

This week's headlines:

Greece continues budget cuts.
Fighting continues in Libya as Rebels and forces loyal to Qaddafi fight over Misrata.
Weinergate continues as Democrats call for him to step down.
The revolution in Spain continues as young people come out to protest the 20%+ unemployment rate among other things.
Turkey is set to ban internet use on Auguest 22 (severe watching) protests erupt in the country.
That's all basically.